About Us

We were born in 2015, with the purpose of connecting consumers and companies. We understand that by respecting the commerce of your neighborhood, you contribute to the local economy and make your life easier.

Factors such as traffic, parking, fuel costs take your time and we want to bring convenience to you, so you can take care of what is most important.

For companies and small businesses is a great opportunity to be closer to your customer, bringing good old personal contact, personalized service and efficient delivery.

Meet our team

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Marcelo André
Commercial Director

CEO, pamphleteer, collector and manager in the off-hours

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Giovana Dallamico
Franchise Director

Idealizer of Ache no Bairro, sleep little, dream a lot

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Marcos Ortega
Director of Programming

Who makes the magic happen

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Rua XV de Novembro, 2550 Sala 410 - Edifício One Offices - Brazil
Tel: 55 67 3042-3010
Cel: 55 67 9 9299-8911
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